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Tips to Choose Perfect Heels

  “Money can’t buy Happiness but it can buy fabulous shoes and that is kind of same”.   So, find the perfect pair of heels that satisfies and makes you feel happy, uplifts your mood and makes you feel like to stay in forever! We get you some tips as you choose some great pair of heels and stock up as festive season begins. Notorious for being extra straining on feet, the beautiful heels are too tempting to resist; aren’t they? Discover the precautions and tips to purchase your perfect Heels, a surplus on your dazzling outfit.    1) Shop at the end of the day...

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7 things we would be missing from LOCKDOWN!

Unlock 1 rolls and we are here a bit at ease with basics such as travelling for work, to necessities and some economical activities which are necessary to keep everyday lives smooth and sailing. However, we wonder if we are going to miss this Lockdown once Corona virus melts away – which we sincerely wish. Liberty – Thy name is work from home! In comfy pajamas, sipping favourite tea, glancing at window panes – summer changing to monsoon and we at leisure of laptop screens. The introverts had their time of life. Not bothering to change into formals and putting...

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Eid Shopping, From Home

When most of the parts of the world is seeing a surge of second wave, it’s best to stay home and stay safe. Eid will be bit different but then, it will be Eid to remember where we all were warriors, we stayed home, we lived and loved family, cherished moments of togetherness and feasted upon all things homemade! Ramadan is time to shop and we get you done this easy breezy with London Rag, as summer looks on. Denim Jackets: With beautiful washes, mesh details and metal trims, these kicking jackets are sure to boost it up for you!...

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Finding Perfect Pair of Jeans: A Guide

Denims have proved to be the biggest thing in clothing of 20’th century, only gaining further momentum. It is a staple – and now we are doing wonders with the fabric. Denim now has so much vibrancy – fabric washes and treatments to surface styling and techniques. Various washes and finishes have guided the final use of denim amongst which denim pants or pair of jeans is basic and common. There exists at least a pair of denim trouser for every person in this world, constantly upgrading and getting new ones. Raw bottom Straight Cut Jeans Denims are blended with...

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How to style Work from Home?

With India in #Lockdown2 and all of April going March way, “Work from home” is the major work life scene that has evolved. Though we do feel comfortable in pajamas and track suits, we can always explore the semi-casual and casual range that are smart, chic and fashionable. For we think, how you dress up certainly makes up most of your mood and creates vibes that are more suitable for particular things to do. Plus, while we are all indoors – it is interesting and plain pleasure to make an effort to be presentable and professional. We get you some...

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