TOP trends of Fashion Ecommerce for 2021

COVID-19 impacted the world all of a sudden and unexpectedly, swiping across the world, changing consumer behavior and the whole market in a few months. What could have been a projection of the online customer market five years ahead, seems to us a subject now executed in a matter of months– with many retailers closing brick-and-mortar shops and a massive shift to online e-Commerce shopping the fashion e-commerce is set to experience a period of big change. Online time spent has increased over social media, browsing channels and websites as people stayed home for a long period of time; further,...

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Taking care of Wardrobe in Lockdown: Declutter and Reorganize

Surely, cupboard cleaning, sorting and dumping is an annual routine and most probably around Diwali. But, given that we have so much time around with #Lockdown2 in scenes we have got you a list of to-do’s to keep the wardrobe all cleaned and segregated. After all, when we are through this – we would want to let ourselves enjoy outdoor scenes, work schedules and everything to the fullest. Before we begin, get set with 3 questions: Do I need it? Will I wear it again? Is it old, out of fashion or gone rough – can I donate it or...

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Celebrities in Quarantine: All style, all glamour and all fun!

This year is checking our patience and we are into the times did not hope for. As we are in quarantine and self-isolation, we wonder what people are doing across the globe. As COVID-19 breaks havoc and people are all stuffed into their homes – there are some creative ways we have been discovering through celebrities. From household chores to hobbies – everyone seems to be trying to get the best of this time and keep morale up. Creativity is fun : Saif Ali Khan turns to pottery with little Taimur; we find it satisfying & indulging!   Getting detoxed...

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